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unzip and double-click "enuts.exe" to run.
Note that notifications will work only on Windows 8 or above.

unzip and copy "enuts" to "Applications" folder.

Linux build is as-is and tested only on Ubuntu.
You need to install libgconf first. On Ubuntu, run this command in terminal:
sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
download and unzip to any folder. Then hit
to run.


I'm developing enuts as a part of study of programming.
If you have interested in supporting me, you can buy and enjoy my digital music releases from Bandcamp! You can name your price.
Or buy me some gifts here: My Amazon.co.jp Wishlist


2018-05-09: version 1.3.5
FIXED: authorization fails

2018-05-02: version 1.3.4
FIXED: Update information was shown if using latest version
FIXED: Better spinner indicator in post screen
FIXED: Updated electron to 2.0.0
FIXED: Implemented better error dialog when failed to post

2018-04-19: version 1.3.3
NEW: Showing multiple images are now supported
FIXED: If the update timing is synchronous, duplicate post was received
FIXED: Updated electron version
known bug(1): Window has square corners on macOS High Sierra because of Electron's bug
known bug(2): Some inline-image's orientation is wrong

2018-01-29: version 1.3.2
FIXED: updated electron version without url scheme vulnerability
FIXED: character remaining count with markdown link
Now the releases are hosted on GitHub from this version.

2017-12-05: version 1.3.1
FIXED: Unread indicator preferences did not save

2017-11-21: version 1.3.0
NEW: Unread tab indicator!
NEW: Brand new preferences screen!
NEW: Profile Editing
NEW: Added "Edit Profile" button in User Screen
FIXED: New post screen closes when click reply button
FIXED: If replying a post that contains multiple @username, all the username appears to the post screen
FIXED: If someone deleted a post, the post will be removed from stream
FIXED: Better user's display name layout for narrower window
FIXED: Larger "gear" button in profile screen

2017-09-30: version 1.2.0
NEW: Added bookmarked user's list and reposted user's list in post detail view
NEW: Added configuration to show or hide User's displayname
NEW: Added configuration to Minimize to Tasktray (Windows)
FIXED: Faster Performance by relative date update optimization!
FIXED: Tabs in profile screen break when window width is narrow
FIXED: Absolute date is now locale format string.

2017-09-23: version 1.1.2
FIXED: Long words did not break automatically when the window is narrow

2017-09-13: version 1.1.1
NEW: Search Type (#tag or keyword) and Sort (Time or Relevance) Select.
NEW: When the window width is narrower, spaces between the tabs will be thinner.
FIXED: Post screen shown over the stream
FIXED: Clicking on current tab won't scroll to top
FIXED: Windows titlebar drawing

2017-09-12: version 1.1.0
NEW: Pnut.io Search!
NEW: You can mention without "@username" by shift+click reply button
NEW: Manual Refresh (Ctrl/Cmd + R)
FIXED: Inline-image was not shown in Profile Tab
FIXED: Two or more preferences windows can be opened

2017-08-28: version 1.0.0
NEW: Image uploading! (pnut.io paid users only, NEEDS RE-AUTHORIZE TO UPLOAD)
NEW: Added new Dark Theme & a hidden theme (easter egg)
NEW: Brand-new Profile Tab with following, followers, bookmarks, follow/mute/block action
NEW: Rounded Usericon
NEW: Mention preview in new post screen
NEW: Mention highlighting
NEW: You can show / hide App Icon in Menubar (macOS)
FIXED: Your own post will not be notified
FIXED: Now Relative / Absolute date setting doesn't need restart
FIXED: Added spinner for repost and bookmark button
enuts is now available on GitHub.

2017-07-23: version 0.5.0
NEW: Desktop Notifications! You can select witch type of notifications shown in preferences.
NEW: Added Linux version (Tested on Ubuntu, as-is version).
NEW: Added configuration for show mentions to unfollowed users in home stream
NEW: Added configuration for select absolute date or relative date
FIXED: Single-click on the post in interactions to show conversation thread
FIXED: "Interactions" tab is just white in some environments. Thanks @keage and @33Mhz!

2017-07-22: version 0.4.1
FIXED: Added "..." button next to the repost button for view conversation threads
FIXED: Conversation thread close button is missing(Windows)
FIXED: Mentions to user not following was not shown in global
Known bug: "Interactions" tab is just white in some environments. Please tell me the error on the "Console" tab in Developer Tools😫.

2017-06-27: version 0.4.0
NEW: Interactions tab!
NEW: The tab last selected is restored when next open
NEW: Added hidden feature
FIXED: Updated relative date notation ("4 minutes ago" -> "4m")
FIXED: Made the date in conversation view absolute date

2017-06-25: version 0.3.4
NEW: Added configuration for automatic update-check of enuts itself
FIXED: Limited 200 posts for each tabs. This makes more stable and lighter.
FIXED: Updated electron-config module to electron-store
FIXED: Once closed the post compose screen, it is tall height when next open sometimes
FIXED: Inline-image was not shown in conversation view
FIXED: Error message on quit (on some Windows environment)

2017-05-25: version 0.3.3
FIXED: same post was recieved every minute when recieved repost

2017-05-25: version 0.3.2
FIXED: repost was not shown correctly
FIXED: character remain shows wrong number in post compose screen

2017-05-16: version 0.3.1
NEW: Added app icon!
NEW: (macOS) show app icon in menubar
NEW: (Windows) minimize app to task tray
FIXED: (Windows) can't open preferences window (now right-click tray icon for preferences)
FIXED: auth window size and menubar was shown in auth window

2017-05-06: version 0.3.0
NEW: Profile View!
FIXED: automatic update check wasn't working correctly
FIXED: @username and #tag are now highlighted
FIXED: clicking on the current tab to scroll to top
FIXED: in the conversation view, tab selecting with shortcut key wasn't working
FIXED: (Windows) - □ x buttons wasn't shown in conversation view
FIXED: (Windows) posting with ctrl + enter is now enabled
FIXED: brushed up some animations

2017-05-02: version 0.2.0
NEW: Added Windows version!
NEW: double-clicking on the post to view post details and conversation threads.
NEW: window size and positions are stored on quit and restored on the startup
FIXED: "Grobal" in the menu. Easy English mistake!

2017-04-30: version 0.1.2
NEW: automatic app update check and the notifications

2017-04-30: version 0.1.1
FIXED: latest one post could not be displayed

2017-04-30: version 0.1.0
NEW: inline-image now supported!
NEW: added keyboard shortcuts to select tab (⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3)
NEW: added loading indicator when app is launched
NEW: added enuts website link in preferences screen
FIXED: drawing stops sometimes if there are many posts in screen

2017-04-29: version 0.0.0
initial release