a desktop client app for pnut.io


DOESN'T work yet

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v - Windows 7+
v - macOS 10.10+
v - Linux 32bit
v - Linux 64bit

*enuts is unstable sometimes. use at your own risk.

original cover photo by Neo_II


unzip to any folder and double-click "enuts.exe" to run.

unzip and copy "enuts" to "Applications" folder.

You need to install libgconf first. On Ubuntu, run this command in terminal:
sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
download and unzip to any folder.
chmod +x enuts


I'm developing enuts as a part of study of programming.
If you have interested in support me, you can buy and enjoy my digital music releases from Bandcamp! You can name your price.
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2017-07-23: version 0.5.0
NEW: Desktop Notifications! You can select witch type of notifications shown in preferences.
NEW: Added Linux version (Tested on Ubuntu, as-is version).
NEW: Added configuration for show mentions to unfollowed users in home stream
NEW: Added configuration for select absolute date or relative date
FIXED: Single-click on the post in interactions to show conversation thread
FIXED: "Interactions" tab is just white in some environments. Thanks @keage and @33Mhz!

2017-07-22: version 0.4.1
FIXED: Added "..." button next to the repost button for view conversation threads
FIXED: Conversation thread close button is missing(Windows)
FIXED: Mentions to user not following was not shown in global
Known bug: "Interactions" tab is just white in some environments. Please tell me the error on the "Console" tab in Developer Tools😫.

2017-06-27: version 0.4.0
NEW: Interactions tab!
NEW: The tab last selected is restored when next open
NEW: Added hidden feature
FIXED: Updated relative date notation ("4 minutes ago" -> "4m")
FIXED: Made the date in conversation view absolute date

2017-06-25: version 0.3.4
NEW: Added configuration for automatic update-check of enuts itself
FIXED: Limited 200 posts for each tabs. This makes more stable and lighter.
FIXED: Updated electron-config module to electron-store
FIXED: Once closed the post compose screen, it is tall height when next open sometimes
FIXED: Inline-image was not shown in conversation view
FIXED: Error message on quit (on some Windows environment)

2017-05-25: version 0.3.3
FIXED: same post was recieved every minute when recieved repost

2017-05-25: version 0.3.2
FIXED: repost was not shown correctly
FIXED: character remain shows wrong number in post compose screen

2017-05-16: version 0.3.1
NEW: Added app icon!
NEW: (macOS) show app icon in menubar
NEW: (Windows) minimize app to task tray
FIXED: (Windows) can't open preferences window (now right-click tray icon for preferences)
FIXED: auth window size and menubar was shown in auth window

2017-05-06: version 0.3.0
NEW: Profile View!
FIXED: automatic update check wasn't working correctly
FIXED: @username and #tag are now highlighted
FIXED: clicking on the current tab to scroll to top
FIXED: in the conversation view, tab selecting with shortcut key wasn't working
FIXED: (Windows) - □ x buttons wasn't shown in conversation view
FIXED: (Windows) posting with ctrl + enter is now enabled
FIXED: brushed up some animations

2017-05-02: version 0.2.0
NEW: Added Windows version!
NEW: double-clicking on the post to view post details and conversation threads.
NEW: window size and positions are stored on quit and restored on the startup
FIXED: "Grobal" in the menu. Easy English mistake!

2017-04-30: version 0.1.2
NEW: automatic app update check and the notifications

2017-04-30: version 0.1.1
FIXED: latest one post could not be displayed

2017-04-30: version 0.1.0
NEW: inline-image now supported!
NEW: added keyboard shortcuts to select tab (⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3)
NEW: added loading indicator when app is launched
NEW: added enuts website link in preferences screen
FIXED: drawing stops sometimes if there are many posts in screen

2017-04-29: version 0.0.0
initial release