a desktop client app for pnut.io


DOESN'T work yet

Planning features


v - macOS 10.10+
v - Windows 10+

*enuts is in very early alpha stage. use at your own risk.

original cover photo by Neo_II




I'm developing enuts as a part of study of programming.
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2017-05-25 version 0.3.3
FIXED: same post was recieved every minute when recieved repost

2017-05-25 version 0.3.2
FIXED: repost was not shown correctly
FIXED: character remain shows wrong number in post compose screen

2017-05-16 version 0.3.1
NEW: Added app icon!
NEW: (macOS) show app icon in menubar
NEW: (Windows) minimize app to task tray
FIXED: (Windows) can't open preferences window (now right-click tray icon for preferences)
FIXED: auth window size and menubar was shown in auth window

2017-05-06 version 0.3.0
NEW: Profile View!
FIXED: automatic update check wasn't working correctly
FIXED: @username and #tag are now highlighted
FIXED: clicking on the current tab to scroll to top
FIXED: in the conversation view, tab selecting with shortcut key wasn't working
FIXED: (Windows) - □ x buttons wasn't shown in conversation view
FIXED: (Windows) posting with ctrl + enter is now enabled
FIXED: brushed up some animations

2017-05-02 version 0.2.0
NEW: Added Windows version!
NEW: double-clicking on the post to view post details and conversation threads.
NEW: window size and positions are stored on quit and restored on the startup
FIXED: "Grobal" in the menu. Easy English mistake!

2017-04-30: version 0.1.2
NEW: automatic app update check and the notifications

2017-04-30: version 0.1.1
FIXED: latest one post could not be displayed

2017-04-30: version 0.1.0
NEW: inline-image now supported!
NEW: added keyboard shortcuts to select tab (⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3)
NEW: added loading indicator when app is launched
NEW: added enuts website link in preferences screen
FIXED: drawing stops sometimes if there are many posts in screen

2017-04-29: version 0.0.0
initial release